BEST OFFER IN KENYA!! Invest In A Fish Cage and Make KShs1.2 M in 7 Months

Cage culture is the practice of farming fish for food in floating cages. This uncomplicated technique is most commonly used in Asia by commercial fish farmers, but as years of successful experimentation in Lake Victoria and various dams in East Africa have shown, it could be employed by any individual who has access to an appropriate natural or artificial pond or lake.

Furthermore, the number of fish that can be produced in a single floating cage is astonishing. The current records for tilapia is approximately 12,000 in a 5X10 M steel cage with maturity taking 7 months. The stocking density for catfish can be as high as three times that of tilapia in the same cage size.

Flanica Green Consultants is recognized as a pioneer and technology driver in the East Africa aquaculture industry. Today, the company is the region’s largest supplier, from single components to large, advanced and tailor made cage based aquaculture projects.

A 5X10 M single cage goes for KShs 300,000 while a double cage is KShs 500,000. Each tilapia fingerling costs KShs 6 while catfish goes for KShs12.

Feeding the fish on commercial fish feeds will cost a total maximum of KShs 250,000 for the 7 months. However, at some cost, Flanica Green Consultants can train in formulation of feeds from locally available raw materials. This will end up reducing the total cost of feeds by 40% (KShs 100,000).

After 7 months, the fish will be weighing between 500-800 g and can be sold for 100 – 150 shillings.

Quick calculation brings the total gross income to between KShs 1.2 – 1.8 M. If the cage construction, feeding and labour costs are deducted, the profit margin can be anywhere between KShs 700,000 – 1.2 M IN 7 MONTHS. The profit margins will be higher in the second cycle since you will not need to buy new cages.

Flanica Green Consultants can also manage your fish cages at a small fee to make your life even more comfortable.

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