BEST OFFER!! Greenhouses From 90k Only, Wherever You Are In Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and Rwanda

Greenhouse farming and provision and construction of affordable cheap greenhouses in East Africa is made available by Flanica Green Consultants in an affordable cost friendly way.

Costs and prices for buying a greenhouse in Kenya vary depending on sizes but Flanica Green Consultants supplies affordable galvanized tunnels at the lowest prices in East Africa.

Our package includes;

  • Set up cost of the green house( it takes one day)
  • 500 litres water tank
  • High quality tomatoe seeds
  • Fertilizer
  • Soil sampling/ test
  • Agronomist services throughout the season i.e. planting to first harvest
  • Drip pipes and their layout in the farm
  • Training your farm worker/s on greenhouse farming and maintenance.

The sizes we have and the current prices are;

6X12M (8X9M)
170,000/- Metallic (greenhouses)
90,000/- Wooden (greenhouses)

240,000/- Metallic (greenhouses)
160,000/- Wooden (greenhouses)

300,000/- Metallic (greenhouses)
200,000/- Wooden (greenhouses)

340,000/- Metallic (greenhouses)
240,000/- Wooden (greenhouses)

You will provide;
– 2 casual laborers to assist with the set up and cultivating the shamba
– A raised structure about 2m high for placing the tank
– 2 wheelbarrows of sand
– 2 wheelbarrows of ballast
– 1 bag of cement
– Tarimbo, spade, jembe
– 1/2 kg nails

Costs of greenhouses in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and Rwanda depend on proximity of materials.

Call/Text/Whatsapp – +254729474954 or +254723303373


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