Beautiful photos from Vybez Awards 2015 held in Kisumu

This premier awards event was held on 19thDecember 2015 at Kisumu’s Tuff Foam Mall.Various artistes from western part of Kenya were recognized and rewarded. The awards ranged from best artiste, best Dj, best poetry among others (Read full list here).  Here are some the moments captured on camera by team and renown blogger Seth Odongo.

VybezAwards1    VybezAwards2

VybezAwards3    VybezAwards4

VybezAwards5     VybezAwards21

VybezAwards23   VybezAwards20   VybezAwards31

VybezAwards24    VybezAwards25

VybezAwards27    VybezAwards22

VybezAwards28    VybezAwards26    VybezAwards13

VybezAwards29     VybezAwards30

VybezAwards32     VybezAwards33

VybezAwards34     VybezAwards35

VybezAwards36    VybezAwards37    VybezAwards41

VybezAwards38     VybezAwards39

VybezAwards40     VybezAwards42

VybezAwards43    VybezAwards44    VybezAwards15

VybezAwards6     VybezAwards7

VybezAwards8     VybezAwards9

VybezAwards10    VybezAwards11

VybezAwards12    VybezAwards14

VybezAwards16    VybezAwards17


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