Angry Busia County resident blasts Paul Otuoma for his nepotism

One Dr Paul Otuoma though not sure if he is truly a doctor has mastered the art of dividing Samias based on 2013 voting pattern and whether or not one falls in his ethnic lineage. We have had situations where he has ordered CDF committee not to fund projects in some areas because they did not vote for him.

Mr Otuoma, Samia North people are suffering in your hands. You have segregated us. We don’t even know the relevance of CDF since it looks like a family grant. Who are these people you always award bursaries. The vast Samias have not benefited from the kitty except for the very few who are awarded based on their degree of consanguinity. Which projects did you implement in Samia North using CDF?, who were the contractors of the said projects? Bwana why can’t you remember others as well for the remaining months?

Based on the above, Namboboto people are very sad with you. When a class that was built in 1924 by missionaries was wrecked by winds due to its age and therefore needed a new roofing, the community approached you and your CDF committee only for you to tell them that you can not fund that project because they did not vote for you.

Bwana Eugene Masombo, thank you for coming to the rescue of Namboboto people. You used your money to build the same class to completion after CDF under Otuoma had refused to do the same bcause of politics.

Ganjala people, when you started a school and named it Eugene Masombo Primary, Mr otuoma and his CDF vowed never to support the school. True to their word,nothing has happened so far.

School patron Eugene Masombo has built the school using his own money with few donations from the community. Bwana Otuoma, this is a government school and not a private one. just a name can not make you refuse to fund the school. Start your own school, name it Paul Otuoma and make it public instead of fighting one Eugene Masombo for the good work he has done.

Bwana Otuoma, when you segregate Samias based on who voted for you and their degree of consanguinity, How do we trust you with the leadership of Busia County. You are not up to the task. You proved to the world how petty and biased you are using Samia CDF kitty.

We stand up and say no to your kind of leadership. Treat all areas of Samia equally regardless of how they voted. CDF money belongs to all of us and not just for you and your relatives

Daniel Luchu

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