An open letter to Kenya Governors and Opposition Leaders


The new constitution opened a new system of governance in our country. Every County has a Governor who is best placed understand the needs and the welfare of his constituents and through the majority vote he/she is mandated into the office. With our current constitutional dispensation, I tend to be convinced that having a presidential system of governance is a recipe for a constitutional crisis. This is because, we can’t rule out the possibility of having a President whom all the Governors don’t swear allegiance to. In Kenya today there is a possibility of having all Governors from an opposition party while the President comes and remains a lame duck due to the inconsistencies of the tyranny of numbers formula.

Governors are elected by the majority in their County and there is no regional balanced distribution of ethnic proportion in our country and this is where the equation flops. By having a majority populace of one ethnic bloc within one concentration, it’s possible to have a President who does not command a national regional proportion of the country and its interests. This can be very disastrous because we can’t rule out possibilities of inequality in distribution of public resources, public appointments and developmental projects thereby precipitating a national discontentment and possibly a mutiny as is the current case of our country today or worse still, curving out the concentrated block from the rest of the Country.

Without any reservations and in the very best interests of a secure state, I urge the constitutional review commission, opposition leaders and all the Governors to reflect on this possible danger of a constitutional crisis and pave way for a parliamentary system of governance to remedy the problems that have bamboozled our beloved country and open avenues for a balanced public appointments, regional economic growth, distribution of resources and developmental programs.

Yours truly, Patriotic Kenyan.

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