Alvinah’s passion for fashion

She goes by the name Alvinah Natalie Ogot, a student to be at Mount Kenya University (MKU). I spotted her one day doing her thing and went on to request her to feature on, a requested which she obliged. I had a sit down with her in Kisumu for the interview and this is what I managed to squeeze out of her.

When did you develop the passion for modeling?
Ever Since I was Young I had a passion for fashion. I always loved looking good from way back. However, I began to gain interest when I joined a talent competition back in grade 10 in my school when I was only 16. Ever since, I just had the drive for modeling

Are you attached to any modeling agency or are you a freelancer?
I freelance. I don’t want to be tied down by agencies. I’m just a month old as a freelancer and I love it.


Which events have you graced?
I am grateful to have been a part of Delan Models & graced the runway at the fashion and culture night which was held at the prestigious Acacia Premier Hotel. I was also part of the modeling team with one vibe at the “made in Kisumu” concert and also at the recent KTCA awards. I also took part in the lakeside pageant that happened recently and from that I was chosen to be part of a noble charity event called food fest where we got to feed 500+ people from all walks of life. I have been to many other events but those are the notable ones in Kisumu.

What would you have become if you were not a model?
If I wasn’t a model I’d probably be an event organizer because I really enjoy everything that comes with it.

Who are your role models?
As a model the person who inspires me the most is Ajuma. I love her character and simplicity despite being famous. The fact that she inspires women is something that’s intriguing. My Mother is also my big role model in life. She has taught me a lot since I was a baby

Which challenges are you facing in modeling?
Well the challenges that are being faced currently in Kisumu in the modeling career is the lack of knowledge and appreciation of the efforts of the models and lack of proper trainers and mentors who are able to guide and encourage the upcoming models

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