9 things about Xpat Mkwanja you probably didn’t know

  1. The name “Xpat” comes from his passion and perfection in all he does
  2. The highest he has made in a show or contract is 120k doing road shows for a condom company.
  3. He does not have an album out yet but has music and video compilations. The first compilation titled “Lakeside” and “Kisumu King” the current one
  4. His biggest hit ever is #NyamaKwaNyama
  5. He put his masters study on hold since at some point he ran out of cash and time to complete it. Street hussle is too sweet for Xpat.
  6. He may go for a PhD, but right now he prefers individualized and specialized courses such as E.I.A and Auditing which he is currently pursuing
  7. Xpat’s favorite food is “no favorite food”. He is a luhya, so every food is a favorite
  8. His favourite Kenyan artist is himself. He’s so feeling Xpat Mkwanja’s energy right now after releasing #NyamaKwaNyama, so in the meantime, Xpat Mkwanja is his favorite Kenyan artiste.
  9. Team Mafisi code does not allow him to mention his girlfriend

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